About the Company

About the Company:

Battery M.D., Inc. owns and operates a State-of-the-Art Battery Laboratory and Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicle Repair Facility. Located in Sacramento, California, Battery M.D.ís staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced battery and electric / hybrid vehicle engineers and technicians.
Kit Rodden, Battery M.D. Founder, President & CEO
Kit Rodden
President & CEO

Battery M.D.ís experience is a unique combination of battery system product design, years of independent laboratory testing combined with unprecedented hands on in-field fleet warranty repair service experience for several major U.S. auto manufacturers (approximately 4,000 vehicles nationwide.

Battery M.D. is a Tier 1 supplier for several major automotive companies and has been in business and proudly serving its clients as a woman owned business (WBE) since 1992.

About the Owner:
  • 20 yrs EV / HEV Design and Advanced Battery Testing Experience
  • Designed and built over 24 EV / HEVs in career
  • Former GM / AeroVironment Battery Laboratory manager during GM EV-1 development
  • President, Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California, EVAOSC (1991)
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineer CSULA
  • Former 4-time CA State Billiards Champion

Mission Statement:

To be a contribution to the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle (EV / HEV) Industry on a Global Basis.†

Battery M.D. accomplishes this by saving Auto / Battery Companies money in the following areas:

1. Battery Validation Testing

  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Characterization Testing

* 20 yrs Advanced Battery Testing Experience
* World Class Laboratory Testing Facility

2. High Voltage Battery Repairs

  • EV / HEV Battery Pack Remanufacturing
  • Nationwide Delivery / JIT Shipment
  • Inventory Storage / Maintenance Charging
  • Full Service Battery Pack Recycling

* 20 yrs High Voltage Pack Repair Experience
* Exclusive Battery Pack Remanufacturer for GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota’s EV programs (1999 to Present).

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